2024 Toyota Prius Comes With Exciting New Features

November 27th, 2023 by

2024 Toyota Prius

The all-new 2024 Toyota Prius will be very similar to the 2023 model aside from a few of the features and the cost. There is a $200 increase for the 2024 Prius but it does offer a little more than the 2023 Prius. The price for the 2024 model starts at $28,745 (plus a $1,095 destination fee) whereas the 2023 Prius starts at $28,454 (plus a destination fee).

Toyota is sticking with the LE, XLE, and the Limited trims that go with the front- or all-wheel-drive models. New features for the 2024 Prius include a new lock and unlocking tone, six exterior paint colors, and car owners can now connect Apple Music and Amazon Music to the vehicle’s touchscreen. Let’s look at the 2023 Prius to see which features will carry over to the newer model. 

2023 Prius Prime

There are a few reasons why Toyota has yet to go full electric, and that is because Toyota still wants to focus on hybrid vehicles. The Toyota brand thinks hybrids are cheaper to lower greenhouse gasses and extend battery supplies even more. Even though Toyota still focuses on hybrids, it doesn’t mean they concentrate less on electric vehicles. A popular EV from Toyota right now is the all-electric bZ4X SUV. The Prius is an impressive Toyota hybrid vehicle that has been around for quite some time, and this new model is in its fifth generation. 

The 2023 Prius model has been significantly upgraded, from its sleeker new look to its up-to-date tech features. This Prius model is accessible in either a standard hybrid or the plug-in Prius Prime and ranges from $33,445 (plus destination fee) to $40,265 (plus destination fee). If the vehicle runs as a hybrid, it can reach 60 mph in 6.6 seconds. The cargo space is 20.3 cubic feet and can hold the charging cable under the trunk floor mat. Every 2023 Prius Prime will offer comfort, spaciousness, and excellent safety features. 

More On The 2024 Prius

The Toyota Prius will always be of the utmost importance for the automaker as it’s the first successful hybrid vehicle, and not only in its lineup. Its top features include safety, engine performance, great fuel economy, and fast acceleration. Consumers can’t get enough of this compact car because of its continuous improvements and its up-to-date tech features. All this excitement will carry over to the all-new 2024 Toyota Prius because customers love the 2023 model.

It seems that the new model will have the same powertrain as the 2023 model which is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gas engine that goes with one or two electric motors. With only one motor, the Prius hybrid produces 194 horsepower and 139 lb-ft of torque. As for the two electric motors, it gets 196 horsepower and 139 lb-ft of torque. 

The interior is expected to be similar to the 2023 model which offers an 8-inch touchscreen, a 7-inch digital gauge cluster, wireless Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. In terms of the top trim levels for Prius models, the features get a bit more luxurious and come with more higher-end options. In conclusion, the 2024 Prius will be in very high demand especially because customers love the 2023 Prius and some of its features will carry over. 

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